Antytila: From Frontlines to Stage

Antytila: From Frontlines to Stage

In a world where music often brings people together, the Ukrainian band "Antytila" has taken that unity to a whole new level. Renowned for their captivating performances and musical collaborations with global stars, for a long time guys spent on the front line defending their homeland during a time of war. Today, we celebrate their resilience and passion as they embark on an exciting US and Canada tour, spreading their message of hope and victory through their latest album, MLNL.

When war struck their homeland, Antytila made a profound decision – to put down their musical instruments and take up arms to protect their lands alongside millions of Ukrainians. This selfless act of courage demonstrates the band's unwavering love for their country and its people. From being adored for their performances to becoming national heroes, Antytila's commitment to their nation's cause has been nothing short of extraordinary.

During the war time, Antytila were seen in outstanding collaborations with iconic artists like Bono and The Edge from "U2," as well as Ed Sheeran. Their musical prowess and dedication to creating soul-stirring melodies have earned them worldwide recognition. From performing in the heart of Kyiv and London to sharing the stage with Ed Sheeran in Warsaw, their talents have transcended borders and touched countless hearts.

Despite the challenging times, Antytila has chosen to share their music and message with their supporters in North America. The band's upcoming tour promises to be a soulful and uplifting experience, with stops in twelve vibrant cities, including Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Seattle, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Miami. Their latest album, MLNL, released on the second day of war, encapsulates the spirit of the Ukrainian people and their determination to triumph.

Front man Taras Topolia extends a heartfelt invitation to all music enthusiasts in the USA and Canada to join them on this unforgettable journey. "You discovered our band from interviews on radio and TV. Now it's time to feel and listen to our music live. All this time, we've been receiving a huge amount of support from the USA and Canada, so we are truly convinced that people are waiting for our performance. We are inviting you all to join us on our North American tour. Best light and sound, Ukrainian groove, and Ukrainian soul in each song. All this will be waiting for you. And what is more – true faith in our Victory!" says Taras.

Antytila's evolution from a celebrated musical sensation to valiant defenders of their homeland exemplifies the power of art and music to inspire change and foster unity. As they take their unique Ukrainian groove and soul to North American stages, their journey serves as a reminder that strength can be found in the harmony of diverse voices united for a common cause. Let us join hands in supporting Antytila's pursuit of victory and celebrate the resilience of the human spirit through the language of music.

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