An e-Ticket is a digital ticket that is as valid as a paper ticket, i.e., it is the equivalent. It is an electronic ticket which gives the holder the right to attend an event. 

The main advantage, of electronic ticketing is that the document cannot get lost or damaged in the post. Neither is there a risk of sending it to the wrong address.

There are two types of tickets that may be sent to you via email. These types of tickets are in the form of PDF files. You will receive an email with a link to download your tickets. Note: The name on the tickets may be that of the original purchaser, however they are fully transferable and do not need to show the name of the attendee.

Email Delivery Instant Download 

These tickets must be downloaded and printed prior to arriving at the venue. 

"Instant Download" means that the files will be available shortly after the seller confirms the order. Regular "Email Delivery" means that they may be available at a later date or time. Rest assured, you will receive your tickets in time for the event, no matter which method you choose.

Tickets do not have to be printed in color, but be sure that the barcodes are clear. Venues will not accept order summaries or receipts of any kind. 

Mobil e-Tickets

Mobile e-Tickets will also be emailed to you, but the barcode must be displayed on a smartphone in order to gain entry to your event. 

Tip: Downloading and saving the barcode to your phone prior to arriving at the event will save some time, especially because download speeds may be slower at the event.

These tickets will not be accepted if printed.